What is WholeSale Product Mastery about?

What is Wholesale Product Mastery about?

Looking at the list of Amazon bestsellers, it’s easy to imagine yourself on it. Becoming a top Amazon seller can make you a fortune. But, there’s one road you should never go down when buying wholesale products for resale on Amazon! Let me explain.

This review will focus on Wholesale Product Mastery, their buyer’s club and proprietary software called wholesale inspector to sell Amazon products. I’ll break down how the company model may work, the pitfalls, and how fast you can make money with them. I’ll also point out the dangers and what you can do to keep yourself safe as well as suggest an alternative that can get you started selling on Amazon for under $100 a month.

What is Wholesale Product Mastery (WPM)?

WPM may acts as your intermediary between Amazon, a wholesale distributor, and you. The company uses an in-house software called Wholesale Inspector and a buyer’s club, promising lifetime access to both. 

To start with, you’ll need to get an Amazon Seller Account. The seller account then uses the buy box method, where many sellers compete to have their product featured in the buy box. 

Sellers must meet several metrics to qualify for a buy box; the lowest price is the most significant factor in winning (remember this fact).

WPM also uses a software program to analyze the products based on Amazon seller competition and profit margin and several other factors. What you need to realize about this is, you’ll never have a copy of this program, and you may become locked out at any time. 

Here’s how most buy’s clubs like WPM work, a buyers club buys products in bulk based on whatever deals a distributor gives them, then offers them to you at a marked up price (expense #1). 

As a member, of a club like this you can only buy a limited number of products because they need to spread them out between all the members.

 Your order is then packed and shipped it to Amazon’s warehouse for an additional fee (expense #2).

FBA is the Amazon service that does all the shipping and handling of your order once it reaches the Amazon facility; FBA is an additional cost (expense #3).

The third, fourth, and fifth hit on your profits are indirectly related to WPM and the price of doing this business. I’ll talk more about the fourth and fifth expenses below.

Where is WPM located?

Wholesale Product Mastery is just a mailbox in a Mail-link store behind a 7 Eleven (easily verified on Google Maps). At least this is the address given on their website.

848 N Rainbow Blvd, Suite 479 Las Vegas, NV 89107 (702) 472-8588


Mail link image

The phone number was not any kind of business phone when I called, it just rang & rang.

What is the cost of joining Wholesale Product Mastery?

The Website has no pricing for the course. You’ll need to sit through a 45-minute sales call on top of three videos to find that out.

(Update) Based on Lynda Chavez, who was kind enough to commented at the bottom of the page. 

The cost for membership is $5000.00. 

In the second video, Mr. Snively also suggests you have at least $6000 to start with; that’s $11,000. Just to get started, this doesn’t cover a business license or other charges. 

I’d be more impressed with WPM if they had their pricing on the website. That way, I’d know right away if I could afford it, and wouldn’t have to waste my time sitting through multiple videos and a 45-minute sales call.

 That said, I will sit through a 45-minute call and share my findings. So, I left my phone number and scheduled a call with WPM for 5:00 pm. When 5:00  rolled around I was shocked; I got no call from them. I’m unsure why they didn’t follow through with my call back; but, not a good first impression.

Here is what Lynda Chavez had to say about her experience

Use of heavy sales tactics  

The sales tactics used are old and tiring. It’s like the feeling you get after buying a car, and suddenly you notice everyone driving it all over town. 

It’s the same way when someone overuses boring old sales techniques. In this case, it was the scarcity mindset. Trying to make us think a resource is scarce, so we’ll want it even more. 

By telling you repeatedly in the videos, they’ll only work with a small number of the right people; space is limited, and for a limited time only. 

This emotional appeal is often a smokescreen, so you don’t notice anything about the product or company.

As for me, it’s like seeing my blue car all over town.

Now the next time you feel an urge to buy something, you can’t explain; hopefully, you’ll be a little wiser.

Can you make money with WholeSale Product Mastery?

picture of hundred dollar bill puzzle

I believe it’s possible to make some money with this program, but your investment risks are very high. Let me explain.

  • The buyer’s club idea uses a “Done For You” business model, which has many problems! In 2019 Amazon shut down the 7 Figure Cycle for having too many accounts coming out of its buyer’s club. Amazon can do it again at any time with WPM.
  • To buy brand products like Nike, Disney, or Mr. Clean, you must have a state business license and a tax resale ID or only a tax resale ID (based on your state).  All wholesale distributors will require your tax ID before selling products and giving you a sales receipt or invoice. If you’re selling products on Amazon without an invoice or receipt, Amazon can/will suspend your account, and good luck getting it reopened.
  • The buyer’s club has labeled itself as a product distribution center to print invoices and receipts for you to send to Amazon; or it may be a real legitimate business. But Amazon isn’t stupid, and your account will be at risk if they think you’re abusing the system (your playing in their sandbox, so they make the rules). I certainly wouldn’t want to get blacklisted from selling on Amazon after investing eight to eleven thousand dollars in the  program and inventory. 
  • With the buyer’s club model you’re competing with other members to buy limited numbers of products, and there’s never enough products to go around. Many times only partial orders are filled. In a recent YouTube video, Todd Snively talks about having over a million products you can buy then reduces that number down to just forty. Only these forty “right products” have a high enough margin to make any money after paying Amazons overhead. Forty, out of million plus. WOW!
  • So now, imagine 100 other new Amazon distributors (with the same forty right products) all showing up in the buy box; what do you do? Well,(besides muttering expletives) everyone has to drop their prices to win the buy box, starting a chain reaction where everyone keeps dropping prices (expense #4). Say goodbye to your profits!
  • (Expense #5) To be fair, this expense comes from Amazon; It happens when Amazon splits up your order and sends it to their multiple warehouses around the country. Amazon does this for customer convenience (it’s how they keep those prime shipments under 24 hours). And yes, they will charge you for this shipping cost as well, and this is before you ever make a sale. Are we having fun yet?’

The Training

The Website doesn’t have any training details or offer information of any kind which would help you understand what you’ll get for your $5000. You must simply take it on faith that the training is worth the money; this is not much of a business plan.

Refund Policy

The Website simply says there’s a 30-day return on digital products.

A word of warning! Your refund time could run out before you get all the training and have had enough time to see if it works. That seems like a no-brainer, I know. But, I fell for it once, myself. (remember the emotional appeals we mentioned)

Lynda Chavez had the Refund Policy

Pros and Cons


In the words of Admiral Nelson, as he was lifting the telescope to his blind eye.

I really don’t see anything!”

I would like to find some benefits with this company, I really would. But with every fiber of my being all I can say is  RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!


In my opinion, with Wholesale Product Mastery you will never have a real business.


“If you have no control, you have no business.” According to M J DeMarco, author of “The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.” 

You may well ask, “Why, don’t I have control ?” Well, you have no control over the Wholesale Inspector software and no control over the buyer’s club or product choice your offered. 

Unless you’re buying a subscription to a service with a contract period spelled out in writing, then you only have someone’s word. 

Mr. Snively and Mr. Keef can close their mailbox at their mailbox store and refuse you access to his software and buyers club any time he likes; in fact, he’s done it before!

Mr. Snively and Chris Keef were behind the 7 Figure Cycle (7FC), it had a buyer’s club and the same software program called Profit Hunter.  Members were charged $2400.00 and promised lifetime access to software and the buyer’s club. Still, one year later, in early 2019, he and his partners closed up shop without a word, cutting off all access to members who trusted them, myself included.

Update: 3/3/21 Todd Snively has reached out to me.

Too deny any part as a principal member of the 7 Figure Cycle.  I don’t like to call people out but I feel this needs to be addressed. So here’s a video I just found on YouTube. I think it shows Todd played an active roll in this company. 

And here's complaints from the Better Business Bureau about 7 figure cycle

As an alternative to WPM try Jungle Scout, which has been around since 2015.  Jungle Scout is a much better value. 

So what is Jungle Scout and why is it superior ?

Jungle Scout image

This is all you need for Amazon sales

Jungle Scout has been around since 2015 and is an incredibly powerful suite of tools. Here are a few of the great new tools. And you can save 30% off the price, now!

  • Complete Supplier Database– helps you find legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands in seconds.
  • JS Academy– is a complete video suite of Amazon A to Z training and case studies on finding million-dollar products.
  • Sales Analytic– This is your command center showing you revenue, product view, units sold, your cost, net profit, cost breakdown, tracking, and more.
  • Keyword Scout– This lets your product show up on Amazon listing under the more relevant search terms.
  • AlertsKeep an eye on products you’re tracking or selling to monitor change in price, reviews, and more. Stay informed about critical Amazon product changes so you can take action fast.
  • Inventory Manager– Accurately predict how much stock you should order and the best dates to call it to boost your Amazon sales and avoid stock outs and fees.
  • Extension The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension works hand-in-hand with Amazon, giving you easy to view real-time data on products you’re interested in.

Best of all you can get Jungle Scout and save 50% off the yearly price

My final Thoughts

Final thoughts on WPM

I’ve never been a fan of heavy sales tactics that try to uncover my wants and desires only to throw them back in your face in the sales pitch. I have a healthy distrust of companies who aren’t up front about what you get for your money and the terms and conditions of their refund policy. 

Also using a company as a middleman is seldom a good idea. It’s like when the Spanish met the Aztecs using two interpreters (AKA middleman), The Aztecs said. “Hello,” But, the Spanish heard them say, “Please take our kingdom and gold.” The Spanish said. “Okay! Sounds good!” (Okay, maybe it’s not that bad.) But I feel a bit like the Aztecs getting bent over for my gold, aka $5000 dollars.

Wholesale Product Mastery is a middleman. They make their money from your lack of knowledge, which is typical for most companies providing a service. The difference here is, you’re not hiring a plumber to fit your sink! You want to build a business that’s all yours.

Here are some facts: We know at the start, WPM is only offering us a buyer’s club and some software to find and evaluate products to sell on Amazon. That is all they’re offering us, right. 

We know WPM has an unreasonably short time to get a refund if we chose too. This is due to the condition of the refund not having enough time to be carried out. You just can’t get things shipped and sold fast enough to meet the refund terms of service.

We also know, there’s much, less expensive alternative products which do the same thing. So the wisest course of action is to try the more affordable product first, see if they work for you; If they don’t work, you can always buy the more expensive products down the road, if you want. I believe this is sound business advice.

Selling on Amazon

One major pitfall to selling on Amazon is Amazon. And, if it’s your only method to sell your products, that’s potentially dangerous. Again, you don’t have any control of Amazon. The customers you’re selling too aren’t yours; they’re Amazon’s. If you doubt this, let your seller rating drop below four stars. Your account will be frozen, and you’ll need to submit a written plan of how you intend to fix the problem. (This is not to say you should let your rating drop, of course; only that Amazon is in charge.) 

I know of a massive Amazon seller who has had their funding account frozen by Amazon with over $200,000.00 in it. The seller did nothing wrong; Amazon simply changed its algorithm (something they do over eight times a day) and overnight their account was flagged and frozen. 

They did get their money back after two months. But this was working capital, the lifeblood of every business.  The veins in my forehead would’ve popped out if this happened to me!

I have found a safer way to make money online with no risk to your capital. It will still take you  to time and effort to reach a six-figure and beyond . But, it will be your business, and if you’d like to scale your business  it’s very doable because you don’t need more and more capital to invest in more products like Amazon. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

This is always the first question asked, it’s probably the first question I’d ask too. But, like anything it’s will take you some time. The good news is, there are no limits to the amount of money you can make with your affiliate business. Everything can be outsourced.

For example, let’s say you start making $2,000 promoting as an Amazon affiliate online. Your website’s doing pretty well, but you’d like to earn more money. Instead of writing three articles a week, you can pay someone else to write ten articles per week. 

Sure, you’ll have to purchase the articles, but you also benefit from earning commissions on them. So after you start outsourcing, suddenly your website is earning $10,000 per month while you pay a writer $1000 a month to write. 

The great news is that you can learn everything along the way. As I’ve been building my business, I’ve learned a lot about business structure, paying taxes, outsourcing, etc. And if I can do this? Trust me. You can do this too! 

If you’ve ever wanted to make some extra money, or starting something on the side for a few hours a week that could grow into life-changing money, affiliate marketing would be that something. It takes work in the beginning, but it’s well worth it. You don’t even need to buy a membership packet. You can get started for free. Take the first step now to one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

17 thoughts on “What is WholeSale Product Mastery about?”

    • Hi Paolo, that is a fantastic question. Let me start by saying I don’t sell on Amazon because I didn’t have the best first exposure. However, if I were going to start selling on Amazon now, I’d definitely look into one of the software like JunleScout or AMZ Tracker they have databases of vendors to order from and all the product analytic you would need, plus keyword search tool to do your own promotions.

      If you’d like to go the Amazon affiliate route and not deal with product shipping and Amazon’s back office, then AmaLink Pro is a great choice. AmaLink’s program has a host of features, one of the best keeps all your product link prices up to date, which is good. Because I understand, Amazon will suspend your account if your links aren’t up to date.

      Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you Paolo, happy to answer any other questions you may have.

  1. Thanks for taking the time to make this expose or a review. I had a meeting scheduled for tomorrow but was perturbed by the texts stressing that I had 5-10k to invest, so I went online and found your review. I have since canceled the meeting. I will be reviewing Wealthy Affiliate Marketing in the next few days and I hope I can reach you if I have a question. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Gideon, I’m really glad my review helped you. Doing anything online takes a little time but, at the end of your hard work, it’s nice to have something you can call your own. I would be more than happy to help you, no matter what route you decide to take.
      Thank you, for taking the time to reach out to me.

    • I just did the sales call with them and it wasn’t anything like you’ve described so now I’m conflicted. The guy was very nice, zero hard sell, practically no sale at all. Just wanted to know my questions. Offered to set up a zoom call and show me anything I wanted to see in the proprietary software or in the training courses. I asked for more time to consider it and he set up a 2nd call for later today.

      The business model is also different than you outlined. They don’t mark up the products from the suppliers. They don’t want you using their suppliers long-term but just in the beginning to get you going then teach you to source your own suppliers. So you do have control over what products you buy and at what price.

      I asked the sales guy if he was an Amazon seller and he was very open about his situation and moderate success (ordering $10k from suppliers and making about $3k/month profit, spending about an hour a day on it. Been doing it 6 months).

      I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to by this program but your review sounds a little bitter from previous experiences with someone else. I too have been burned in the past but hopefully we learn from each experience and learn to do better each time.

      • Hi Kristi, as far as the buyer club pricing goes I doubt you’d be given the full story on any markup. So I wouldn’t take that as the whole story. In the case of WPM not wanting you to use their buys club, we were told the same thing in the 7 Figure Cycle. The real risk is to your $5000. investment and use of there software to find your products to sell. You can get the same results with Jungle Scout software for just a few hundred dollars and unlike Todd Snively, Jungle Scout has no track record of ripping off its customers, Todd Snively does.
        In regards to your statement, you said. “Your review sounds a little bitter from previous experiences with someone else.” this was not someone else this is the same person you are about to entrust your hard-earned money with; It’s the same person we entrusted our hard-earned money with, Todd Snively.

        I’m sure the person selling the training was very nice, he may be unaware of Mr. Snively’s previous business dealings. I do wish you good luck with whatever choice you make.
        Thank you for taking the time to write in.

  2. Thanks for your review. Last night I scheduled a phone interview for Monday, and when I woke up this morning I had an email from them, cancelling the interview. I purposely put in the pre-call “questionnaire” that I had about $600 to invest, because I wanted to see if they were totally focused on my money, rather than “helping other people succeed” like they claimed. Since they cancelled my appointment without any reason whatsoever, I am positive it was because I put that I only had $600 to put into it. That told me all I needed to know about them.

    • Hi PD, yeah I agree being totally focused on money and not on helping people is no way to run a business. If you really want to sell on Amazon the software I mentioned above has many more benefits than WPM. Jungle Scout was the first software made to sell on Amazon and is probably where WPM came up with the idea.

      However, I would strongly consider affiliate marketing as your first or additional stream of income it has so many benefits over selling on Amazon. (I have two daughters who have both worked at Amazon and based on mine and my daughter’s insight I’d say Amazon’s days are numbered. But, that’s a tale for another time.)

      The big benefit of affiliate marketing is the demand for affiliates to help sell retail products has exploded since the lockdowns and, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.
      Also, the cost you get into affiliate market is crazy cheap. The business model is very scalable, everything can be outsourced when you’re ready. And unlike Amazon where you must tie up crazy accounts of cash. With affiliate marketing, there is nothing you must buy except maybe a website domain.

      If saving money is importance too you, and I know it is; I would definitely look at affiliate marketing as a revenue source.
      I hope this was helpful to you, PD. I really appreciate you and everyone taking the timing the time to write.

  3. This is the real refund policy.
    30 Day Refund Period. Client understands that they have 30 days after payment is made to cancel and be entitled to a 100% conditional refund. The conditions are as follows: a. You must consume 100% of the training content. This is monitored and verified by software. In order to be successful, you must first go through the training. b. Using the Wholesale Buying Club ONLY, order at least ten different products and have them sent to an FBA Warehouse. We’ve found that our most successful members have purchased at least ten products. c. At that time, if you are not satisfied that our program will result in profits to you, simply file a support ticket for a full refund, attaching proof of the above.
    Please keep in mind that product ordered from WBC and then shipped are taking about 3 weeks to 4 weeks to make it to Amazon FBA. Please do the math and really think things through.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thanks for that information, would you be able to send me a link so I can verify the policy and update my post.
      Also, if you could provide me with the price of the course and any other information you feel would benefit my reader that would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks again.

      • Hello Rick

        You won’t be able to find this information unless you have signed up for the course. Wholesale Product Mastery costs $5000 with a conditional refund. I have signed up for the course and when I completed the conditions, I was denied a refund because the products were not at the FBA warehouse. I was later informed the lead time use to be 10-14 days but because of COVID shipping was taking more like 3-4 weeks. So just want newbies to be careful and really think things through. If I would have seen a post like this I would have thought twice.

        • Wow, thank you so much for sharing a little of your story. I’m really sorry you can’t get your money back, five thousand is a lot to part with. People really need to be aware of these refund policies, unfortunately, most of the terms don’t come to light until you’ve paid your money, and It’s too late. Todd, did the same thing to me when I was in the 7 figure cycle so I really know where you’re coming from.

          Thanks again for taking the time to write.

        • Hi Lynda, Now that you have been denied a refund how would you rate Wholesale Buying Club. Were you able to make a profit from the products you purchased through it?

  4. Buyer Beware

    30 Day Refund Period. Client understands that they have 30 days after payment is made to cancel and be entitled to a 100% conditional refund. The conditions are as follows: a. You must consume 100% of the training content. This is monitored and verified by software. In order to be successful, you must first go through the training.

    b. Using the Wholesale Buying Club ONLY, order at least ten different products and have them sent to an FBA Warehouse. We’ve found that our most successful members have purchased at least ten products. c. At that time, if you are not satisfied that our program will result in profits to you, simply file a support ticket for a full refund, attaching proof of the above.

    Here is what to watch out for, the lead time to order from WBC, have it shipped to Wixom warehouse then prepped and shipped to Amazon FBA takes 3-4 weeks, so if you request a refund you probably won’t get one because you have no control over the shipping and prepping. Please really think before you buy.

  5. Thanks, Rick. Yep, I was deceived by this group Todd Snively, Chris Keef, Steve Clayton, and Aidan Booth, too with their 7-fig cycle and Profit Hunter. We lost so much money, but the most hurtful thing was the loss of trust for these 4 people. Clayton and Booth are also still out there claiming to be such good people. It’s truly sickening that these 4 are still selling their deceit only and claim to be making millions. They probably are making millions off the backs of newbies and people that are in desperate circumstances right now. Thank you for this terrific Review that opens the eyes of many, I hope, before losing their money.

    EVERYONE be aware of these 4 people: Todd Snively, Chris Keef, Steve Clayton, and Aidan Booth! They are deceitful people.

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for reaching out to me. I agree with your trust statement the bad feeling is the worst. Todd Snively has emailed me here not to apologize or offer any reparations for the money I lost, but only to tell me facts were wrong about his new business and he’d like to clear them up.
      I would like everyone to know just what kind of person Todd is, so Cheryl if you’d like to write up your story in more detail I’d be happy to post it on my website. Together we can start exposing these unscrupulous scam artists and their companies.


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