What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

What makes Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate training available: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

If you want to build a steady monthly income fast, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training on the internet. 

How exactly does Wealthy Affiliate work and why is it better than other affiliate training out there? Also, Is there coaching available? Are there expensive up sells I need to continue to buy? Is there hidden pricing?

I’ve been ripped off before how can I trust what you’re saying? These are all good questions.

With this review, I will answer these questions. I also hope to accomplish three other things.

First, I want to give you an honest look inside Wealthy Affiliate, without all the noise. We’ll look at WA and the head starts it will give you no matter what path you take as an affiliate.

Second, I want you to be inspired to take action and start your affiliate website. Making money with affiliate marketing is a lot easier than you think. It takes a lot of work, but it’s not rocket science.

Third, I want you to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is the right for you.

This post is a bit long with an exhaustive amount of information to get through. It’ll take a good 15 minutes or so to read.

But, feel free to skip ahead with the table of contents to the parts that interest you. If you don’t have the time, you can sign up for a free Starter Membership and start the training today. Premium Membership costs just $49/month, which is less than a daily Starbucks habit.

What is affiliate marketing and why should you become an affiliate?

How does affiliate marketing work

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is all about connecting people with what they’re searching for online.

Affiliate marketing is a rare unicorn; It’s the safest, lowest cost method for building an online income. That is why over 95% of online marketers get started with affiliate marketing.

 Wealthy Affiliate’s unfair advantages over other training 

    1. The comprehensive training gets you up and running fast. Then, live, and interactive community training will keep you up to speed, with new ways to get traffic and reach new audiences.
    2. The suite of free tools available are powerful and easy to use.
    3. Web hosting and domain support are cutting edge, using Amazon cloud service with mirrored server redundancy to keep your website fast and safe. 
    4. The value of this training, tools, and support would be $200 to $300 a month if you broke it down.  

Three Kinds of Training at Wealthy Affiliate 

The challenge of any proper training is accommodating everyone’s learning needs. WA has made it easy. You can read along or watch video tutorials or any combination you prefer most learning styles are supported.

  • Video with written tutorials to follow along
  • Weekly live training with questions and answers
  • Community training

All the training is easy and lets you ask questions and shows what others have asked.  

Video Tutorial Training 

The first ten lessons will give you a solid foundation in affiliate marketing. Topics they cover are building a website, finding a Niche, writing content, and get free traffic. It’s called Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Image of first ten free lessons at Wealthy Affiliate


Live Training

As a new member, you’ll benefit from the weekly live training with Jay Neill. Each week Jay walks you through building your websites, getting ranked on Google, scaling and tracking your conversion, using Pinterest, building a locate business, as well as tips & tricks to simplifying WordPress for you.

Jay’s training is step-by-step so that beginners can follow along very smoothly. Training sessions are always recorded and available to rewatch as often as you’d like. ( something I do weekly.)

Jay wraps up each training session with Q&A on all topics covered. 

Community Training 

WA has a very active members community with over a million members helping each other succeed.

When you’re a premium member of WA, you’ll have the opportunity to create and share training in the member’s area. 

The Members cross-train each other with the most up to date relevant information; you’ll get tips & insights here that will amaze you. 

Other members give member training a rating. So you’ll only watch the best.

Outdated Training Will Be a Thing of the Past

In a recent blog post by Kyle, one of the founding members of WA, he goes in-depth on plans for summer 2020 anticipated overhaul if WA. 

Why cross-training towers over other training methods 

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success

The depth of expertise in everything from local marketing 

  • Facebook Ads, 
  • Some are masters of Pinterest, 
  • Many excel at running their e-commerce websites.
  • Email marketing 
  • Membership sites
  • Youtube video persecution 

At any given time, you have 1,000’s of subject matter experts logged into the back office of Wealthy Affiliate.  These experts, many having 15 years of experience and earning high six-figure incomes, are as easy to talk to as a good friend.  

That is the reality of what you get here at Wealthy Affiliate. Making our platform beautiful and user friendly is our main focus going forward.

 Improved Organization Brings Clarity to Education.

Another key focus in the year ahead is improving upon the organization of our training. We currently have a classroom architecture that works but could work better. 

There is A LOT of fantastic training here, 100’s of hours of classes, 1,000’s of training tutorials/courses/videos, and 100,000’s of blog posts. Most of this training never gets any exposure, as the sheer size of the training increases. 

Even if you use the search bar, you may not get access to all the training that is available to you on a particular topic. These are going to be the focus as we move forward through the practice in the coming months ahead.

Everything is going to be at your fingertips. Everything from world-class tools that set the industry standard, expert access that no other community offers, and a member community where you will thoroughly love to grow your business.

Free tools at Wealthy Affiliate 

The Suite of Tools at WA is powerful and easy to use. You’ll do keyword research, writing content, build websites, and get hosting all on one platform.

Other tools include 

  • Site Builder (SiteRubix)

  • Site Hosting & Domains

  • Domain Search Tool (finds available domains name for you)

  • Free Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Affiliate Program Search Tool (finds affiliate offers in most niches)

  • Unlimited Cloud Hosting for 50 Websites (Premium Member)

  • Content writer (publishes content right to your website)

Let’s go into the tools a little more.

Keyword Search Tool

Before you write content for your website, it’s essential to know what search terms (keywords) people are using on Google and how often it’s searched. Once you know the keywords people are using, you’ll structure your posts and content around these keywords. 

Image of Jaaxy keyword tool

The keyword tool will show you:

  •  AVG, Average Numbers of Searches a Month 
  •  QSR, Quoted Number of Search Results. How many other websites are using that keyword in their posts?
  •  Traffic, How much traffic each month if you rank high for a particular keyword. 
  • KQI, Keyword Quality Indicator, Tells you If a particular keyword is a good, normal, or poor choice for you.
  • SEO, This score is based on traffic and competition; the higher the score, the better chance you’ll have.
  • Domains are the availability of domain names based on the keyword.

Mind you, all of this keyword traffic is organic and Totally Free; No pay-per-click here.Pay-per-click is something you ( May ) want to use down the road but not to begin with; it would be a waste of your money. I’ll write more about this in an upcoming post. 

Site Builder (SiteRubix)

Traditionally, WordPress installations had a lot of steps with a steep learning curve. 

When I built my first WordPress site, there were too many choices, a lot of waiting. The SiteRubix tool is easy, and it does all the heavy lifting of site building for you. SiteRubix has removed all the anxiety of building a WordPress site, with four easy steps.

  1. Pick a Free Domain or a Domain You Own.
  2. Choose your website name.
  3. Choose a look for your new website.
  4. Hit the build button.

OK, I know! Hitting the button is not a step. The SiteRubix tool will build your new site in about 60 seconds.

Site Hosting & Domains

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best WordPress hosts and sets the industry standards for excellence. Whether you want to pick a new site or use an existing domain name, SiteManager makes it effortless.

The impressive part about the MOVE feature within the SiteManager is that it handles EVERYTHING you need technically, as well as everything required for SEO. These include:

  • SEO 301 Redirects – All of your content on your website will now redirect to your new domain; this will pass along all the SEO juice, and any traffic you have coming to your site now will be forwarded to the appropriate pages/posts on your new domain
  • Content/Theme/Plugin Transfer – Your website, in its entirety, including all content, images, plugins, themes, images, and code and settings will be transferred over. No need to worry about any of it!

All these are standard with WA hosting. 

The problem (I have) with most hosting companies are UP SALES! 

I hate them

In most hosting companies, like GoDaddy, nothing or nearly- nothing is included in the base price. Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is painless and smooth, with no added fees or No Upsales.

  • Website Certification
  • Website Privacy ( Hides Personal Information, critical) 
  • 24/7 Access to Server Admin
  • Unlimited Email Accounts & Forwarding
  • SiteProtect ( SpamBlocker Stops Automated Spam at the Server; I believe this is a GoDaddy upsell)
  • Site SSL Encryption (Now Free, Protects User Data)
  • Premium Members Get 50 Website Hosted Free(this 
  • 30 GB Website Space 

This whole system is optimized to have the fastest load time; this is so important for your end-users and can make or break your website. You will get these benefits with a starter and premium membership at no extra cost.

Cost of Membership

  • Starter Members = Is always free for as long as you’d like. If you upgrade to premium in the first 7 days you’ll get the first month for $19 
  • Premium Members = Is $49 a month; if you’d like to save a ton of money you can paid $495 for the year. That’s a $93 dollar off the monthly price.

5 Ways of Getting Help

New to affiliate marketing will get the most benefit out of the help channels inside Wealthy Affiliate. The intermediate Affiliate that already has a website will get the most benefit from building relationships with other seasoned affiliates for strategies planning, feedback, and goals.

  • Live Chat
  • Private Messages
  • Classroom Lesson
  • Questions
  • WA Blogs

 Let’s take a look at them now.

Why Live Chat will be your new best friend 

Do you have a website question or just need a little inspiration? 

Live support is available 24/7, so there’s always someone to talk with, no matter what your local time.

Getting the help, you need, when you need it, is right up there with having oxygen to breathe. Is this overly dramatic? Maybe?

But, not getting the support you need, when you need it is more than frustrating. I recently had a problem; the words “Affiliate Marketing” showed up in big letters right in the middle of all my posts. 

(It’s easy to overlook the benefit of this feature until your stressed out and ready to lose it.) So I texted the admin department; they shot me back a text in 5 mins saying check your site now. And boom! Everything was normal again. 

I’m not a webmaster, but it’s good to know they are around when things go south. And, five minutes is excellent response time. 

Private Messaging (PM)

PM is a handy tool; it lets you reach out to them for one on one interaction. So when you find advanced members teaching on many topics, you’ll be able to ask questions directly.   

You can even reach out privately to Carson & Kyle, the owners of WA, they’re happy to help and give private coaching. 

Classroom Lesson Questions

If you don’t have time for a 1-on-1 session in Live Chat, you can post your question to a topic-focused classroom. There are 23 of them, including:

  • Getting Started
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Website Development & Programming
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Everything WordPress
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Local Marketing

Next Five Years?

According to streamline-marketing.com

Here are seven ways we expect it to change and grow in the future:

Influencers will be more important
Voice searches will increase
Increased need for mobile-friendly content
Ecommerce retailers will expand their affiliate marketing programs
Push traffic may slow down
Affiliate marketing programs will get an increased share of marketing dollars
More affiliate marketing agencies will be created

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate content marketing is the lowest risk, lowest investment way to build a six & seven-figure income. It’s how most everyone getting started in online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching it for 15 years, and they have over 2 million members for one reason, their training works.  

Affiliate marketing as a whole has

The training starts at the very beginning and leads you to step by step through the process, with action steps to build your confidence.

The price of a yearly membership is less than a dollar a day, and the price hasn’t gone up in fifteen years. In an industry where everyone seems to lie about everything, that fact alone should tell you they’re not just after your money.

Also, at less than a dollar a day, you could work at McDonald’s and afford this training. But they’ve gone even farther and made a free membership.  

You’ll never get asked for a credit card.

But action is the one thing WA can’t provide. You must take consistent action to reach any level of success. 

You have a decision

It’s essential to have all the facts when making any decision, is Wealthy Affiliate right for you? You’ll have to decide that for yourself. One thing is for sure, sitting on the sideline not taking action will get you nowhere. I challenge you to take action because we seldom regret taking action on our dreams but we always regret missed opportunity. 

I want you to prove it to yourself. Take the first video course of 10 classes, sign up as an affiliate in any niche, build a free website, add your content, and prove it to yourself. 

The decision to take action is yours (of course). But, don’t make a decision based on feeling. Use the free membership and get all the facts.

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