What Is The Best Small Business To Start-You’ll Be Surprised

Why The Timing Is Everything

What is the best small business to start? And why would you be surprised?Business strategists are saying online sales for the year will exceed original predictions due to Corona-virus. In this article I’m going to tell you what the best business to start in 2020 is, and how you can get started.

If you’ve never considered affiliate marketing as a real business here are some facts you should know. The ability to generate online sales is what makes or breaks many large companies. Many companies such as Pier 1 Imports, Modell’s Sporting Goods have recently gone out of business because they couldn’t compete with online stores.

Affiliate marketing is a business that you can started with little capital, 100% of the work can be outsourced, and it can be duplicated to an entire portfolio of websites.

Affiliates who were positioned to take advantage of this have seen huge profits for their efforts. If you weren’t prepared for this first wave I’ve good news, It ain’t over! How to make money during a lock-down will explain the niches that are hot right now and will continue to prosper in the future.

Five Upcoming Niche

These are five niches to position yourself in and why they are poised for explosive grow long after 2020. Disclaimer: No psychics were harmed in the making of this prediction!

Online Education Platforms

Picture of Laptop with online education

The online learning platforms have seen a 50% increase in use since the outbreak of the Corona-virus. Sites like Udeny, Linda, Master Class, Great Courses, Study Island, Cisco Learning Network, and the lists go on and on.

There’s a lot of room for affiliate growth in this niche and the profits are higher too.

These learning platforms can offer higher commissions because they sell information products, which cost next to nothing to reproduce.  Physical products, on the other hand, have a cost of goods made which is the cost to make each one, so the margins for affiliates are much thinner. With a tangible product, the commission is generally under 10%, the digital products, on the other hand, see commissions from 30% to 70%

Communication Software

Zoom has already kept many businesses afloat during the coronavirus. I think you’re going to see this technology get better and better.

“Zoom’s Refer-a-Friend Program lets you earn generous commissions for generating subscription referrals. Share your referral link and if your referral purchases a Zoom subscription within 30 days, you can receive rewards.” This is from Zoom’s website.

It remains to be seen whether businesses will continue to use this technology after the COVID 19 crisis if it continues to develop and get easier people will adopt it; then businesses will find new uses for it in everyday business. So if It cuts costs or opens up new customer segments not previously accessible, the chances are excellent!

Update: My Wife just informed me Zoom is here to stay. People at her work love it! So there you go! Listen to your wife Right. lol

Home Gyms Equipment

Wealthy Affiliate home guy picture

So with the gyms closing worldwide, it’s tough to find home gym equipment, I have been trying to find Kettlebells for 3 months now nobody has them in stock. Eventually, this problem will level out (and happiness will return to the valley); however, I think sales will remain brisk for a while. People will remember COVID and how everything was sold out,( I know, I will! ) they’ll try to avoid this same situation again.

Also, the online workout classes from home will keep booming as the communication software gets better and better. (This makes a very good case for the above communication software as well.)

Products like Peloton which has been a runaway success are using this video technology with great success. And a number of other products use this video and AI technology also,  Nordic Track, Tempo Home Gym, The Mirror Smart Gym, and the Bowflex C6 Bike use this closed network video system. These products are hot sellers with high price tags, this is definitely a high paying affiliate niche. We’re just getting started in this trend. And btw, the lowest and highest price of these four gym products was about $1000 to $3000 with the commissions 7 to 8 percent. So if you sold one or two of these a day it wouldn’t take long to make some real money.

Home and Garden Improvements

Wealthy Affiliate Home and Garden Improvement

This is an area that has grown explosively since this whole lockdown started. People are just sitting around looking at the walls thinking; I never liked this paint color. Or looking at the yard project they keep putting off and saying today’s the day. “Baseball is out, this is the new national pastime.”

Home improvement stores have always had good sales; and the whole industry does such a great job advertising itself. Home Depot and Lowes advertise in all four seasons keeping them relevant in the public’s mind.

Homes are big investments with endless opportunities for accessories to express yourself. It’s like a giant 3D painting canvas. Working on your home can be very addictive and homeowners are usually proud of all the hard work they’ve done.

Home Entertainment

Wealthy Affiliate Home Entertainment

Electronic sales have exploded as well. I went to Target the other day to get my dad a new TV, and the only one left in stock was a 40in. Everything else was gone, I guess with so many people spending time at home. Those little TV’s just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Electronics are not a niche I’ve gotten into mostly because they just don’t hold a fascination for me, I couldn’t see myself creating content on a regular basis. That said, however, If electronics interest you, they’re flying off the shelves right now.

Home brewing and home distilling are also growing and very dedicated customer segments. This is not an area I haven’t gotten into, but I think it’s very interesting and I know it’s grown into a very large niche.

Staying Profitable

If your business has failed, you may want to punch me in the face after reading this next paragraph. I’m very sorry you had that experience. However, this could be a chance to launch a newer innovative business responding to the needs of the current crisis.

In fact, no company should ever be started unless there is a genuine need. But a real crisis has so many opportunities for new businesses it’s like hitting the lottery.

You may know that recently Amazon cut affiliates commissions hurting a lot of people. I’m sure some affiliates threw up their hands and surrendered (we’re French don’t shoot). But, some dug in and said, “What can I do differently to stand out more? In every disadvantage, there is an equal and opposite advantage to be exploited.

During the German Panzer blitz of World War 2,  Many people felt resisting the Germans was pointless as their tank formations would punch through any Allied force. The Germans had all their forces in the front, and the sides and rear of their tank formation were weak. And, that is how the Allies stood up to, and eventually beat them. But it took the kind of thinking that said how can I turn this situation around, how can I benefit from it.

There are so many opportunities in this field and I run across new affiliate networks to monetize my websites daily, so experiment with sales platforms and products because you will never run out of new ways to make money.

You can start several websites on different topics to find a clear winner, then double down on that site and build it up. In fact, this is the strategy I use, it’s simple and repeatable.

My Final Thoughts

The niches I have shared are in response to genuine needs; they are not based on ideas only. Some of these niches have few products or companies taking advantage of them,  because they a little ahead of their time, but they won’t stay that way.

I have given you a unique perspective of upcoming niches, they are there now waiting for you to use.

So how can you learn more about affiliate marketing to take advantage of these trends? Wealthy Affiliate is a complete training platform, teaching the basics to advanced techniques of affiliate marketing.

In fact, the topics discussed in this article are a retelling of live training on Wealthy Affiliate. So information is up to date and relevant.    

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