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Inside Modern Millionaires

Digital advertising is a booming industry, you can start a company and scale it to seven figures in a few short years. But if you’re looking for a way in, it can be disastrous to go it alone. Inside my Modern Millionaires review, we’ll take a behind the scenes look at what it take to launching a successful digital advertising agency, the knowledge, investment, and reputation you need in order to be a success.

Chance and Abdul

What is Modern Millionaires

This training program takes you through the process of launching a digital agency and guides you through how to launch a business that can make money serving local businesses.


At the end of the training, you’ll be able to convince small businesses to pay you a retainer for managing and supervising their online ads.

But are The Modern Millionaires selling a viable business opportunity, or is it a scam? I’ll talk you through everything you might want to know about the system and what your chances of success may be.

Who Would Benefit From Modern Millionaires

If you are looking for the opportunity to enhance your skills and learn the ins and outs of Google Advertising, then The Modern Millionaires is going to seem like an interesting proposition. 

It is a training course rather than a get-rich-quick opportunity, so you’ll need to go all-in ready to learn and work hard in order to make your money back.

From the price of the training to the costs of setting up your own agency, the financial barrier for entry may be too high for some people. 

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The Modern Millionaires Tools & Training

As you might expect from a 2020 training program, there are several elements included in your Modern Millionaires membership.

The Online Training Course is accessible with your private login and contains a combination of videos and workbooks. With 6 sections arranged through four modules, the Modern Millionaires training covers everything from starting an agency to managing PPC across Advertising platforms.

The modules establish best working practices for Google and Facebook ads, as well as guiding you on how to set up an agency and employ freelancers to continue the growth of your business.

There is also a private Facebook group that goes over all the training from the modules and even has live training with Q&A several times a week.

The training is thorough, however, it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance.

The Modern Millionaires Support

Alongside the online training course, there are several support systems.

Initially, you will be invited for a screening interview where you can discuss your hopes, and decide whether or not you’re right for the program (and if it’s right for you).


Once on the course, there is the online learning platform. This is augmented with a private Facebook group where students can talk amongst themselves. There are also paid mentors who have experience in the field, and can be accessed should you have any questions as you work through the course.

The Modern Millionaires Price

 Price is the most contentious element of the Modern Millionaires system. The cost to join is $4000 which you can pay in monthly installments of five-hundred dollars. 

However, this is far from the only cost this program recommends, there are a number of addons you will need to make everything work; you will also need:

  • GoHighLevel –  agency tool 14day trial membership then it’s $97 each month. 
  • MailGun – email marketing tool, cost start at $30 a month for a basic membership.
  • Trello – trackable phone number for lead generation service, $12.50 a month.
  • Linkedofy – Linkedin marketing tool costs $49 a month.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator –  works with Linkedofy needed cost $79 a month
  • You will also need two website domains with similar business names. A HostGator domain name costs $12.50 per year right now.
  • MailWarm – domain warming up service to help emails sent from new domains cost $79 a month.

Total $359 per month; this on top of $500 for the course and you’re looking at $859 a month. And don’t forget the cost of getting an LLC.

InCorp business services out of Nevada will cost you $99 and they do all the work for you. InCorp will incorporate your business in any state in the US, but I would recommend you ask for a Wyoming business entity. It’s the new up and coming hot state with very inexpensive fees and a new Court of chancery just like Delaware.

The Good & the Bad

The Good 

  • The Modern Millionaires program was created by Abdul and Chance who have both accomplished quite an impressive amount of success in their own names. They have featured in Forbes. 
  • There is no significant knowledge requirement for starting the program – you don’t need to have a background in marketing or to have any special marketing skills.
  • The business model of The Modern Millionaires is a common-sense and viable way to make money through Google Ads.
  • The training is cutting edge and you get your money’s worth.

The Bad:

  • There’s a certain amount of non-transparency around the pricing – it is quoted at $4000. which is a hefty price tag.
  • The costs don’t stop with the training – extra costs include digital advertising for yourself, which you will have to pay until you have a client covering your costs.
  • There is no promise of success – it is wholly possible you could spend money on the opportunity that you never recoup. 
  • There are hidden costs not disclosed during your screening call, it could be an additional $300 to $400 monthly.
  • These monthly fee estimates are for entry or starter accounts only, they may not be adequate for your needs.

My Final Opinion of The Modern Millionaires

So, is Modern Millionaires a scam? Not at all. It’s a legit training system that shows you how to make the most of PPC. After all, businesses will always pay money in order to get leads, and Google and Facebook are prime ways of getting clients.

That being said, the cost of the training – with no guarantee – is a definite red flag. There are other certified programs you can learn on which will teach you much the same thing, and you’ll end up with a professional qualification at the end.

Reports of the Facebook group suggest that it’s also not particularly community-led, so you’re unlikely to make a bunch of lifelong friends along the way.

With the bar for entry so high, if you feel like you can afford this and it interests you, then go right ahead. It is wholly possible that you can make the ticket price back and then some, but if you’re looking for a way to make money there are definitely more sensible options.

The Modern Millionaires at a Glance...

Name: The Modern Millionaires


Price: $4000. Or $500 a month, plus $359 base a month  (may cost more)

Owners: Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

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